At the heart of virtually every fixed gate system is a Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB). The PBB provides a conduit between the aircraft and terminal building, not only for passengers, but for power and air conditioning services, as well as other equipment control systems. A clear understanding of all functional design aspects of every PBB in a project and their intended application is mandatory in order to design the perfect, most cost effective gate system.

AERO Systems Engineering, Inc. further enhanced its premiere position as the industry's leading fixed gate system engineering and design specialists in 1999 with the permanent addition of three of the country's acknowledged leading PBB experts. These experts' experience combine for over forty years of applied experience.  Specific expertise was acquired in the respective areas of PBB planning, PBB technology/marketing/industry trends, and PBB installation/refurbishment/ maintenance.

No longer is it imperative for original equipment PBB manufacturers to be directly included in gate system projects at the schematic or design stage. ASE maintains a unbiased working relationship with each OEM to ensure that our customers always realize the benefit of each OEM's latest technology. Furthermore, ASE maintains communications with over twenty installation firms throughout the country to ensure that each PBB project is undertaken in the most practical manner possible.

Let ASE advise you on what Abest fit@ product model or design will support your project's objectives and who is best suited to perform your installation work.

Passenger Boarding Bridge Services

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Integrated Design Services

That fact that ASE's specialty encompasses all facets of fixed gate system planning and design means that our customers can contract with a single source to perform all their PBB design, project management and construction work, while also benefitting from the services of the industry's premiere  400 Hz and pre-conditioned air experts. Gate system work, including ramp redesign and fueling can now be conveniently phased and integrated in a single ASE scope of work. Being sensitive to the needs of our various customers, ASE can also manage these projects in large phases, or on a gate by gate basis depending upon the best interest of the customer.

ASE Passenger Boarding Bridge Planning and Project Philosophy

Gate system projects involving the installation, relocation, or modification of PBBs generally entail the investment of significant capital on the part of our customers. As such, premature obsolescence of a gate system's capability represents a common problem with expensive consequences.

ASE's initial approach to every PBB project is to understand our customer's potential future needs and technical requirements in addition to the immediate scope of work of the project. ASE also thoroughly investigates the needs of the airport and/or customer tenant. In most cases, a PBB model or system configuration can be designed into the project to provide flexibility for the system to grow well into the future. ASE's design philosophy is always, ultimately, to design quality and reliability into a system and to anticipate ever conceivable problem or restriction that a system could encounter before it occurs. When those problems are noted, ASE immediately reports all relevant circumstances to our customer, and makes necessary adjustments.

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